The production of Russian dolls

The production of Russian dolls  consists of several steps.

The production of Russian dolls

The production of Russian Dolls in Voznesensk

Russian dolls are made from lime tree wood, but birch and alder wood is also used sometimes.

Each set is turned on a wood turning lathe, usually from a single piece of wood. Each half of a single doll has to be made from the same piece of wood to ensure a good fit between the parts.

The number of dolls in a set is traditionally more than three, but can be much more, around 20 pieces for example.

The shape of Russian dolls is approximately cylindrical, with a rounded top for the head, tapering toward the bottom, with hardly ever any protruding features.

Russian dolls have their hands and arms painted on.

Traditionally, artists start making a set with the smallest doll. The smallest, innermost doll is typically a baby turned on the lathe from a single small piece of wood and hence non-opening.

Russian dolls  from our online shop “Russian dollcrafts” are hand-painted by professional Russian artists from Sergiev-Posad, Voznesensk and Semenov towns with are very famous for the production of Russian dolls.